HR Tech offers a world class Time and Attendance with powerful Hosted, On-Premise and Service based systems.  With the ability to function within existing enterprise systems, or as part of our Enterprise solution, HR Tech can tackle your labor management needs.

Manager Self Service

    • Attendance Enterprise delivers Manager Self Service functionality, which empowers supervisors and managers to oversee their employees and budgets more efficiently.  Manager Self Service profiles are highly configurable and can allow the end user to review all employees in the system, or, only the employee group(s) which they are responsible for.  Manager Self Service is a very efficient approach to managing employees, and the daily activity within the Time and Attendance system as Managers can review and edit employee schedules and timecards, approve or deny time off requests, and generate reports in real time.

Manager Dashboard

    • Manager Dashboards are configured to provide a high-level overview of the most critical labor activities – both current and historical.  Attendance exceptions and important items are flagged to the Manager Dashboard for the Managers’ immediate attention.  Manager Self Service Dashboard allows users to quickly drill down into software for a deeper inspection of employee data.


    • With an inbuilt reporting engine, our Time and Attendance software offers strong reporting capabilities.  Reports can be previewed on screen, printed to paper, emailed, saved in PDF format, or, exported to Microsoft Excel for further manipulation. Reports can be kept private or shared across departments, allowing Management to not only see what is happening, but also why it is occurring.


    • Managers can view, create, modify, and remove schedules for an individual, multiple employees or an entire workgroup.  Interactive Summary Sheets provide managers with summarized information and the ability to drill down for further analysis, allowing managers to make better scheduling decisions while controlling labor costs.

Accruals Engine

    • The Accruals Engine handles the most complex pay rules with ease, removing manual calculations and spreadsheets.

Employee Self Service

    • Designed to empower employees and reduce the managerial burden placed on an organization’s Human Resource and Payroll department.  Employee Self Service provides your employees with real-time information on their work schedules, pay history and benefit entitlements.

Leave Management

    • Employee Leave Management allows employees to request time off and message supervisors via the Employee Self Service module.  Once an employee submits a leave request, their supervisor will receive an email notification, as well as a notice on their Manager Dashboard.  In the event the leave request is approved, the employee’s schedule and benefit entitlement will automatically be updated to reflect the approved leave.  This provides managers with a very efficient approach to employee leave management, allowing HR and Payroll personnel more time to focus on core competencies and improving back end operations.

Mobile Applications

    • Mobile Manager provides Managers with real-time notification using mobile phone alert settings—vibration, sound.  Letting them take action, no matter where they are.  The Manager Mobile home screen changes based on what the supervisor needs to do. Proactive alerts notify supervisors only when they need to take action – handle absences, fix missing punches, approve employee edits, or read messages. Supervisors can tackle critical absences and attendance matters right from their mobile phone.
    • Employee Self Service Mobile for our Time and Attendance system is adaptive—the employee’s home screen changes based on what the employee needs to do and how the employee works. Different types of employees have different time tracking needs. ESS Mobile is a single app that presents different options to different employees based on employee permissions. It accesses configuration information in the system to present a smart, easy-to-use app that is tailored to the employee.