Which Geographic Areas does HR Tech Service?

HR Tech services clients globally and is able to work with any business or organization worldwide.

How do I get Support from HR Tech?

In 2015, HR Tech launched a three-tier technical support structure, known as the ‘TCR Support Group’. This, coupled with a new ticket based system will allow us to address your requests in a more formalized manner.  To initiate an issue or request, please use one of the following methods:

  1. Telephone us at, 416-695-7111 Option #3, or, 1-800-613-5317 (toll free).

A member of our TCR Group will capture the details of your issue and will immediately provide you with a ticket number.

  1. Email us at,

Your electronic message will go into an automatic queue. A member from our Tier 1 Support will respond to you, acknowledging receipt, and provide you with a ticket number. They may contact you for additional details regarding the issue if required.

Please use the ticket number you are provided by Tier 1 at the onset of the issue for all future communications with our TCR Support Group.

Does HR Tech Offer Training?

Yes. HR Tech offers a host of standard and customized training curriculums, delivered by a Live Instructor. Our Instructors will set up a consultative information gathering session with you prior to the training session to assess your knowledge and discuss training objectives.

What is HR Tech’s Cancellation Policy?
  1. Cancellation of services must be made in writing 60 days prior to the commencement of a software term.
  2. In the event that 60 days notice is not provided, 50% of the maintenance amount will be payable immediately as resources have already been allocated.
  3. All software and intellectual property of HR Technologies is to be removed and/or destroyed from company servers with a written letter confirming this action has taken place.  In the event a software removal letter is not provided, HR Technologies has the right to apply additional charges and or legal remediation should this condition not be fulfilled within 30 days from notice to cancel service.